Extreme Holiday Fun!

Well, we are over halfway through the summer holidays already and I’ve been doing so many things and activities over the holidays they’re practically countless! But probably one of the most active and exciting days out that I have had is when I went into the Peak District with DCIM100GOPROLost Earth Adventures‘. This exciting company offers days out and holidays for people of all ages. I went with my parents and my younger sister (Sophia, 8) to climb up the rivers, streams and countryside of the Pennines.  It was a very rainy day – but great fun!

Richard from Lost Earth Adventures met us by the Snake Pass with all the kit we required (helmets, wetsuits, etc.) and he explained the importance of walking slowly and keeping our helmets on at all times.  We headed down towards the river (tramping through the mud on the way!) and there was a little wooden bridge across the river which I started to cross –Lost Earth Adventures Richard then told us that “Bridges are for wimps!” …we were going to actually get INTO the river to get across!!  I was glad I had my wetsuit on as the water was cold and the current was actually quite strong because of all the rain, but we headed across holding onto one another and it felt great when we reached the other side. Who needs a bridge…?! Haha!

In fact we climbedLostEarthAdventures up a whole river and even a waterfall as well. We kept slipping and my sister took a ‘dunk’ but we actually LOVED it. When it was time to go back we got to scramble up a hillside and through a rocky ravine – what an exciting day and (of course) a great adventure!

Richard from Lost Earth Adventures told us that they do all sorts of other activities for groups or individuals such as mountain biking, abseiling, gorge walking and hiking. So they are absolutely bursting with fun things to do.  ALSO! Don’t worry about getting tired because the helpers might just have some jellies and a flask of hot chocolate with them (as Richard did!).


As you probably know from my previous Blogs – I LOVE the theatre – so it was great to actually take my little brother (Jude, 5) to his first West End theatre experience where we got to see the fantastic ‘Aliens Love Underpants‘!  The show is based on one of Jude’s favourite books (along with ‘Pirates Love Underpants’) so he was VERY excited…  We found the theatre – right in the middle of London’s Leicester Square – and took our seats. Mum bought Jude a fantastic ‘Alien” to wave during the show and the show began…! Jude was soon laughing SO loud and shouting out the colour of his favourite underpants when asked by the actors…SO funny! The story was brilliant and you felt as if the aliens realALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS Aliens credit sjsphotoly did come to life as the puppets were so animated. It was also great fun spotting the mischievous little aliens as they kept popping up to steal the underpants.

We all loved the show – it’s a great treat for the summer holidays (showing until August 31st) – and Jude wanted to go back and watch it all over again the next day!

I’m off on a little holiday to Ireland soon, so I’ll be back with a new Blog very shortly…  Enjoy your summer! Sam x


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